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Semetis is a digital advertising and business intelligence agency, that prides itself on working with different, forward-thinking clients.
As an expert in Digital Advertising and Digital Business Intelligence, we value quality over quantity.
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Job Openings

Ready for your next challenge?

We are currently looking for new motivated colleagues. Picturing yourself in one of these roles, or know anyone who would be a great match? Please send us your resume or share the job.

Digital Business Intern
Digital Business Analyst


Job Openings

Ready for your next challenge?

We are currently looking for new motivated colleagues. Picturing yourself in one of these roles, or know anyone who would be a great match? Please send us your resume or share the job.

Digital Business Intern
Digital Business Analyst


Semetis Game

At Semetis we strongly believe that winning the talent war will depend more on a company's culture than its pockets. Growth is a promise that Semetis makes to its Semetissians. Since the very beginning, we have only employed young graduates that were promoted from within. Semetis has never hired externally. Qualified candidates are young graduates with a Master’s Degree in Business Economics or Business Engineering.

With an employer branding campaign inspired by the Netflix series Squid Game, Semetis The Game is a high-stakes job assessment game. There are no injuries or deaths but whoever makes it to the finish line is within a sigh of signing a contract with Semetis. The Semetis Profilers, masked actors who, entirely in the style of Squid Game, hand out cards with a mysterious invitation to students during the guest lectures and at job fairs across the country. In season one 300 students signed up for the game, and twenty lucky young graduates were carefully chosen to play. Playing to win a contract to become a Semetissian.

You missed last year's game, do you dare to participate this time? A whole new round is coming: 'Semetis Game' returning for season 2.

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Meet our team

Founded in 2009 by two former Googlers, Semetis is a fast-growing digital and business intelligence agency, committed to developing innovative solutions for our clients.
Over the past few years, our team of digital enthusiasts have served both local and global organizations and built up experience in multiple industries like travel, retail, e-commerce and finance.
Put another way: we are a place where people want and can work on real projects!


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Impact Team

impact & event team photosIn 2018 one of our young analysts wanted to express her sense of responsibility towards the planet so she proposed to create the “Eco Tips of the Month”; once per month we got a nice email picking our interest around ecology.

Soon, it became appreciated by the team and an “Eco Team” was created. After some more eco tips and initiatives, the team decided to rename it to the “Impact Team”. The idea was to go broader and have a real social impact within Semetis but also in our society, to bring awareness on various topics like: ecology, social responsibility, poverty, etc.

Here is a list of cool initiatives launched by the Impact Team:

  • Blood donation,
  • Cleaning-up the Botanique Park,
  • Soap making atelier,
  • Clothes’ collect for “Les Petits Riens”,
  • Promoting bike usage for less CO2,
  • Sorting out waste thanks to the Bruxelles-Propreté labels,
  • Collect for the Télévie,
  • & more!

You’re passionate about ecology, you really want to do something for society? Then the Semetis Impact Team would be happy to welcome you on board!


Event Team

Something that is really part of our team culture is the numerous events and team buildings that punctuate the Semetis life. The Event Team was then founded by a few motivated Semetissians with the aim of investing more seriously in events and offering activities to the rest of the team. On top of afterworks, aperos and other gatherings, the Event Team organises three main events: a three-days trip abroad, a summer team building event and a Christmas dinner. These activities are major milestones in every Semetissian’s journey. The Semetis Trip, that is usually held in March, is the occasion to focus on two main objectives: get to know each other and reflect on Semetis’ future, strategy and vision. Afterwards, we all participate in a team building during the summer: it can be something adventurous, sporty, creative, any activity that brings everyone together and creates a strong team spirit. Finally, the Christmas dinner celebrates Christmas, obviously, but also the people: it is a way to thank everyone’s involvement and mark the end of the year all together.


Get your career started at Semetis

Get a glimpse of what your life as a Semetissian could look like. A yearly teambuilding trip abroad, on-the-job training, early-on responsibilities, a young and dynamic team, and plenty of growth opportunities.

Lynn | Junior Digital Marketeer

Lynn joined Semetis in July 2022 as an eBusiness Analyst after winning the first season of Semetis Game. During her years at UHasselt, she discovered a special interest in digital marketing and wanted to take on a new challenge that sparked this interest. The search for this challenge brought her to Semetis where she can further develop herself.

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Charlie | eBusiness Manager

Charlie Deschamps | Interview quote

Over a period of 5 years at Semetis I had the opportunity to evolve through the many roles Semetis offered. Stepping up to my current role, team Manager, I continue to learn daily. I empower a team of 10 Semetissians, making them grow as Business professionals.

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