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Throughout the years, Semetis has built a unique methodology and training program to help businesses and universities better understand the always-on evolving digital ecosystem. Semetis gives Digital training mainly to advertisers, partners and universities.

Our training programs cover a large panel of topics & expertise such as Digital Landscape, Digital Advertising, Digital Business Intelligence including Measurement, SEO, Tag Management systems and much more. As digital experts, we make sure our trainings have up-to-date material, and are always customized to the needs and context of our audience.

The Digital advertising training focuses on leveraging information and making sure best practices are shared regarding digital strategies build-up, campaigns set-up, monitoring, optimization and reporting. A major part is also dedicated to all the features available in each digital platform. You will become a master in managing digital advertising campaigns (Search, Social, Display, Video, Programmatic).

The Digital Business Intelligence training focuses on explaining and understanding the concepts of measurement, data architecture, web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), tag management systems, conversion rate optimization (CRO), customer data platform (CDP, data management platform (DMP). Some of those topics can become very technical. Therefore we offer the possibility to have both a business understanding of the concepts or a technical understanding of the projects. In our advanced trainings, we explore and explain concepts such as attribution modeling, dashboarding, omnichannel measurement , AB Testing and much more.

Semetis therefore proposes on-site full Digital Journey programs, consisting in several training blocks that can include trainings of various levels:

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