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Last year I wrote an article about setting up weather based campaigns with however is not the only automation platform that can help you build weather based campaigns. Some examples are:, and  While ad automation platforms... - Automation Types

When using to automate your campaign based on Weather, you can choose between 2 types of automations: Single location automation Multi-location automation  Which type of automation that you use depends on your campaign: Do you have different ads depending on the...

What does your bounce rate really tell you?

Bounce Rate is a hot topic when it comes to Google Analytics and website analysis. How many times have you or your client asked if the website is attractive to users, if they stay for a long time and what they do there? For any relevant analysis of the user experience on a website, the bounce rate...

Server-side GTM in a nutshell - Cookieless Series Part 5

In the previous articles of our cookieless series, we already covered the critical points of what’s ahead of us and today’s article is a logical extension of the last one of them about the Facebook Conversion API. Like Facebook, Google is working more and more towards server-side articulation with...

Facebook Conversion API: why and how to implement it

Why should I implement the Facebook Conversion API? Facebook is pushing the market and the agencies to implement their Conversion API, but why? In this article, we will go through the advantages that it can bring to your business and how we can help you put it in motion.  Before we go down...

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