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How did you arrive at Semetis? Do you see the evolution since your arrival?

It might be surprising but I started my career at EY in financial services. After nearly 3 years, I was looking for a completely new challenge. Digital marketing was always in the back of my mind. I decided to completely pivot my career path, which felt like a big risk, as it meant starting from scratch at Semetis as an eBusiness Analyst. I knew that going through the basics is what I needed, but I counted on my consultancy experience to be able to fast-track in the organization. And it clearly paid off!

Over a period of 5 years at Semetis I had the opportunity to evolve through the many roles Semetis offered. As an Analyst, I learned to master digital advertising platforms of all types at a fast pace, deep-dove into analytics and tagging, and managed multiple clients in various industries. Growing into my consultant role, I learned to look at the big picture marketing strategy of my clients while steering colleagues to deliver excellent service quality. Stepping up to my current role, team Manager, I continue to learn daily. I empower a team of 10 Semetissians, making them grow as Business professionals while overseeing >€2,2 million in turnover.

Describe your job. What makes it challenging and exciting?

As a Manager at Semetis, I’m responsible for overseeing a team of 10 people, helping them to fulfill their potential while meeting business needs. From a team point of view, this means team organization, people development and critical thinking. From a business point of view, it is about leading the team’s business and operations with a focus on business growth, acceleration, and activation of new services.

The fast-paced and continuously changing environment that defines the digital industry creates a challenging context. I need to make sure my team can adapt and remain on top of their game. This comes down to support, sometimes push (laughs), the team going out of their comfort zone, so they can learn and explore new areas which they need to manage the various projects they face every day. But to be honest, that’s what makes it exciting as well ! There is no routine at Semetis, it is never the same job.

Could you describe the Semetis culture and how you share it with your team members?

At Semetis, it’s all about involvement. We encourage everyone to always understand, question and challenge what is being asked from you. We believe that the best way for a Semetissian to deliver service quality is to deep-dive in each project and make it their own. We have seen over the years that having ownership is key in the development of skills and experience. That’s also why we give responsibilities early in their career. Leading a project or even a client after “only” one year is not an exception at Semetis.

How do you support/guide your team in their professional development?

Many initiatives are put in place at Semetis. As a manager, I have recurring touchpoints with each team member to discuss their evolution and more importantly their blocking points. Each Semetissian has growth pillars to focus on, helping them to evolve within the company. It is thus my responsibility to guide them in completing those pillars by putting in place individual milestones. It is quite challenging to customize a growth path for each of them, but it’s so rewarding to then see them grow as a professional!

Which type of project are you working on besides managing your team?

That is what is really amazing at Semetis ! You have the opportunity to explore so many facets of the job. While my main focus remains on the team, I’m involved in various tasks, such as developing client relationships, being involved in business development (pitches) and most importantly, shaping the organizational structure of the company and thinking about the future of our services, together with the Management team.

What makes a good Semetissian?

A good Semetissian is full of energy, involved in their work and wants to explore new projects in order to grow as a professional. In my experience, the Semetissians that really flourished within our company are the ones that understood from the start that, as long as you can cover your basics, you can explore every learning opportunity and Semetis will always support you all the way, so that you can develop as a Business professional!


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Charlie Deschamps - eBusiness Consultant @ Semetis

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