Carglass® pioneers with the first Dynamic Audio Ads via DV360 in Belgium | Presentations and Cases

You probably immediately recognize the jingle “Carglass® Repairs, Carglass® Replaces”, as it is one of the most recognized and famous ones in Belgium. Being present on traditional radio stations to maintain a strong brand awareness has always been a key tactic in Carglass® media strategy. However, millennials, a key target audience, have turned their ears and attention to streaming, with opting for on-demand options such as Spotify. On top of that, the corona crisis impacted the digital audio landscape positively , resulting in more people than ever listening to podcasts and music-streaming services. Shifting budgets from traditional radio to streaming platforms is clearly the way forward.

In addition, media content distribution on a streaming platform creates the opportunity of inserting personalized advertising in audio content like podcasts, digital radio and music-streaming services. Secondly, with a majority of people listening to audio via headphones (70 - 90%) an intimate bond is formed between the listener and the brand.

The arguments are obvious, programmatic audio has huge potential. Carglass® is the very first advertiser in Belgium to launch their “Wiper Promo” campaign using AMillionAds connected to DV360. AMillionAds is an audio ad technology that creates and renders personalized audio content based on data about the listener at the moment of ad serving. 

With this advertising technology in place, Carglass® selected two data signals that are indispensable for their business:

  1. First, the weather as driving conditions are correlated with damaged windscreens
  2. Secondly, emphasizing the proximity of a Carglass® service center, which is one of their brand promises

The location data of the user was leveraged and infused with storytelling, so Carglass® could establish a more personal connection with the listener. To make the promotional ad even more effective, a countdown was included based on the date.

Combining these 3 main variables, 6 weather conditions, 43 service center locations and 2 languages  516 unique audio ads were created. Imagine the cost of creating all those manually. Thanks to DCO for audio, the approach becomes way more efficient and thus, using this advertising technology created added value on the cost side and the revenue side. 

It was not only a major milestone to launch the first dynamic audio ad that ran programmatically via DV360 in Belgium, the campaign also contributed to the consideration amongst youngsters and the overall outcome of the wiper promo. 453K people were reached of which 83% heard a fully personalized audio.  This resulted in overall bookings increasing by 46% thanks to the wiper promo. Dynamic digital audio campaigns have proven their strength, and will be a key tactic tactic for next campaigns.


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