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Leveraging Teads’ buying platform with inRead Social format, Semetis has been able to easily extend social assets on premium media environment, achieving outstanding results to increase awareness on Atol’s innovative glasses that facilitates reading for some dyslexic people. 

(Brussels, October 08th 2021) – Today, Teads, The Global Media Platform, Semetis and Atol share their experience of extending social formats on premium belgian media using Teads Ad Manager proprietary end-to end platform and inRead Social format. 

The purpose of this campaign was to increase the awareness around Atol as a brand but also around its Lexilens new innovative glasses that facilitate reading for some dyslexic people. Reaching 7.3 million people each month, representing 92% of Belgian Internet users aged 12+ according to CIM, Teads has been seen as the perfect partner to extend existing social media campaigns in a premium media environment. 

Having benefited from extensive training sessions over the past months, Semetis has become an official and certified partner of the Teads Ad Manager platform, and was thus able to efficiently answer Atol’s needs, in perfect autonomy. With priority access to Teads inventory, the performance-based and end-to-end platform eliminates complexity and technology friction. 

Moreover, the inRead Social format appeared as a perfect complement to social media activations, allowing Atol and Semetis to seamlessly repurpose its existing assets to extend the reach of the campaign within premium belgian media. While ensuring better attention in this professionally produced content, the brand also benefited from unparalleled brand safety, as well as a higher engagement from consumers. In this way, combining Teads Ad Manager and inRead Social appeared as the most effective way to launch the campaign in a few clicks only. 

With creatives displayed in more effective environments and with stronger attention than social feeds, Atol and Semetis reached higher results than benchmark, with 70% of viewable impressions, 8.3 seconds of In-View Time and 24% of Viewable Completion Rate, for a 0.026€ Cost Per Completed View (CPCV). 

« The main benefit of Teads Ad Manager is the user-friendliness of the platform which makes it so easy to use and master. It’s extremely easy to navigate in the platform and makes it very efficient to set-up campaigns. This helped us achieving great results in terms of CPV and absolute numbers of views and thus helped us to spread the word around Lexilens greatly!  "

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