• Cookieless Future: How are third-party cookies being replaced?


    “How can I continue advertising in a third-party cookieless world?”. As you know, we are approaching the end of the third-party cookies era. This will have a massive impact on Semetis as an advertising agency but of course also on all advertisers doing digital campaigns.
    That’s why, at Semetis, we help our clients

  • What are third-party cookies?

    In a recent press release, Anthony Chavez, VP of Privacy Sandbox, announced that they will be expanding their testing of the Privacy Sandbox. This means that the development of the Privacy Sandbox will take longer than expected, until Q3 2023. By that time,

  • What are Topics API and Fledge API?

    In recent years, Internet users have become increasingly concerned about their privacy and the use of their personal data on the Internet. Consequently, some legal measures have been taken and now advertisers and publishers need to adapt the way they advertise to offer an environment that better respects the privacy of users.

    On the


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