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  • Advertising on a inspirational platform: Pinterest

    2020: what an unusual year! During the periods of confinement, many people found themselves alone at home looking for something to do. Some of them turned to the inspiration platform: Pinterest. In fact, according to Pinterest (Global Results Feb-April 2020.), engagement on the platform has

  • Creating an intimate thank you experience

  • Doritos - For the Bold

    The global Doritos slogan is ‘For the Bold’, this because it focuses on a very young target group (16-24-year-olds). However, in Belgium the brand did not have strong connotations with boldness, so we had to install the ‘For the Bold’ concept by creating a push brand awareness campaign with limited budget/resources in the first phase. Based on

  • Facebook Ads Delivery Algorithm

    There are over 2 billion people on Facebook, Instagram and the Audience network, with millions of advertisers trying to reach them every day. The ad’s delivery system of Facebook is designed to maximize the advertisers value & optimize the consumer’s experience. Therefore, it’s crucial for advertisers to perfectly understand how Facebook’s

  • Facebook Split testing

    Recently, Facebook rolled out its updated A/B testing tool, also known as Split testing, in Belgium. The update to split testing brings a fresh view on how advertisers can further improve their ad and campaign performances. This by basing themselves on data-driven insights. In the article we will take a closer look at the update, how it

  • How to Integrate the use of stories in your social media strategy ?

    Instagram’s launch of the new feature “stories” did not come as a surprise for most of us. After a failed attempt to acquire the Snapchat in 2013 it has worked ever since on the development of such lookalike apps. While some of those copycats failed along the way, the Instagram story is here to stay. As Instagram’s stories is already being

  • Instagram Poll Sticker – The future of surveying millennials?

    Last week Instagram launched a new feature: the Instagram Poll Sticker. Is it just another cool gadget for the tech savvy youngsters of today? No, we discovered that it is actually a very useful new tool to perform market research on a Millennial audience.

    What are Instagram poll stickers ?

    Instagram’s new

  • Interactive ads on the Facebook network

    Facebook has been one of the classic advertising channels for several years now: many advertisers choose the Facebook network because of its large reach at low prices, the measurability of the KPIs and the ease of reaching the right target audience.

    Of course, the popularity of this

  • Measuring your Advertising impact with Snapchat Pixel

    With Snapchat leaving the closed beta phase on its Snap pixel behind, it is time for an update on this feature. In this small post we are taking a closer look to how advertisers can capitalize on the growing presence of measurability within the platform.

    The introduction of the Snap pixel was something avid Snapchat advertisers have

  • Pinterest Shopping: implementation tips and first results

    In a previous blog article we have already given an introduction about Pinterest Shopping and the reasons to test it out. You are now convinced that Pinterest Shopping would be a great fit for your client

  • Semetis becomes Facebook Premium Partner

     semetis facebook marketing partners

    Snapchat Ads launched in Belgium

    On March 2nd, Snap inc. was one of the most discussed IPO’s in the last years. Following the move of Snapchat to Wall Street, it opened op several more offices across the world. One of these offices is now based in Amsterdam, and is supposed to serve the Dutch, Belgian and Nordic market.

    Even though not a lot of advertisers have

  • The ABC of advertising on LinkedIn

    Generally speaking we only tend to think of linkedIn advertisement for recruitment purposes, while they are indeed strong in that specific alley, Linkedin is becoming a viable source of reaching the target audience for more and more brands.  This due to the fact that it’s investing more and more in a variety of ad formats, that could

  • VOO: Adapting to the new reality through Conversational Marketing


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