• An Introduction to Customer Data Platforms (CDP’s)

    It is not just a trend anymore. Modern marketers should make informed decisions by consulting data. Even though most companies nowadays own tons of data, only few leverage it to benefit their business goals. The problem lies in the fact that our data is fragmented in different silos. We have online website data, email data, advertising data,

  • Semetis is the first Segment certified agency in Belgium

    Semetis is the first Belgian agency to be Segment certified. Segment is a Customer Data Infrastructure platform that aims to unify data from a user point-of-view in order to enable streamlined and coordinated activation. Segment combines elements from both Tag Management Systems & Customer Data Platforms in
  • Why is the future of MarkTech Stack all about CDPs and not DMPs ?


    Marketeers have always been huge fans of acronyms. Some would say a way to complexify the simple tasks they are doing. It all started with media when terms such as CPC, CPM, CPA and


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