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In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, it's important to keep up with new trends and technologies in order to meet people's ever-evolving needs. For this reason, with the significant growth in the use of audio format, Youtube has decided to adapt to the way we consume and interact with brands by creating Youtube Audio. This new format is designed to help advertisers offer an optimal advertising experience by reaching users who listen to content on Youtube in a more subtle and immersive way.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits that YouTube Audio offers to brands and users.

What exactly are YouTube Audio ads?

This new ad format, available on the Google Ads platform, reaches users through their auditory rather than visual senses. In fact, the aim of these ads is to broadcast an audio message in order to capture users' attention when they are listening to audio content on YouTube like music or podcasts for example.

These ads are played before or after the audio stream that the user wants to listen to, just like the more traditional video ads on Youtube. However, unlike video formats, Youtube Audio ads limit the visual aspect by opting for a static image or simple animation, so that listeners can focus on the audio message.

What are the advantages of Youtube Audio?

  • An improved user experience: By broadcasting audio-only messages before or after the audio content chosen by users, advertisers can connect with their audience without being intrusive and disrupting their viewing experience. This advertising format respects users' preferences and encourages a positive perception of the brand, which fosters trust and loyalty.
  • Wide reach: Youtube has a large user base who regularly consume audio content on the platform. Setting up Youtube Audio ads gives advertisers access to a large audience.
  • Contextual targeting: Youtube Audio ads can be served according to users' preferences, interests, online behaviour or listening habits. In this way, ads can be delivered in a relevant context, increasing the chances of capturing the listener's attention and getting them to engage with the brand.
  • Profitability: as this ad format is new, advertisers can take advantage of this profitable opportunity to advertise. What's more, compared to video formats, Youtube Audio ads have a lower production cost, as they consist of a static image or slight animation with a soundtrack over it. They therefore require fewer resources than traditional videos.

What are the best practices with Youtube Audio?

To make the most of this innovative advertising format, it is important to take the following elements into consideration when implementing Youtube Audio ads:

  • Have a compelling message: create a compelling story around the brand to capture users' attention. It's also important to bear in mind that the soundtrack plays the main role in the ad. Thus it's vital to be able to clearly understand the message even if you close your eyes.
  • Include a "Call to Action": find a simple, clear and concise formula to encourage users to take action after listening to the ad.
  • Length of advert: opt for a short format (15sec) to not lose your audience's attention.
  • A/B testing: set up testing periods to improve your message and see what has the greatest impact on your audience in terms of performance.
  • Sound design: focus your efforts on the sound (voice, tempo, music, sound effects, etc.) to create an immersive experience in line with your brand and objectives.

Case study

During two different campaigns for one of our client, we used this new Youtube Audio format, which was successful in both cases. We used CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) as our bidding strategy and obtained a CPM of €2.87 during the first campaign and €1.55 during the second, which is good. This enabled us to increase at high scale our visibility thanks to these low CPMs. That said, it's important to bear in mind that the placements on which we appear are not always the most qualitative. So it's important to sort them out on a regular basis, or to set up a "white list" and/or "black list" system straight away.


At a time when the advertising landscape is constantly evolving, the Youtube Audio format allows advertisers to connect with their audience in an innovative way, while improving the user's experience of the brand. This new format gives brands a unique opportunity to amplify their message and stand out in the digital world.

By improving the user experience, providing access to a large audience and enabling personalised targeting, this new advertising format can have a significant impact on a brand's marketing efforts.

Finally, given the good performance we have already seen with this new format, I recommend using Youtube Audio in the media mix of a campaign to reach a larger audience at a lower cost. In fact, by adopting this innovative format and creating a clear and compelling audio message, your brand will be able to establish closer links with its audience, increase its brand awareness and promote the growth of its business within online advertising.

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