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9 minutes.

9 minutes is the daily attention time of consumers for ads. Knowing that consumers consume 299 minutes of media every day and are exposed to 84 minutes of advertising doing so, it’s fair to say that this number is ridiculously low. While advertisers could previously still get away with simply ensuring the visibility of their ads, they are now forced to reflect more than ever on how to capture people’s attention. But what can we do from a media perspective?
Collect&Go, market leader in online grocery shopping and part of Colruyt Group, gave Semetis the challenge to go on a hunt for a solution that could measure the real impact of their advertising, and eventually help increase the attention time of consumers for their ads.

Say goodbye to viewability and hello to attention

Up until recently, attention on ads has been difficult to quantify. Marketers were focusing on Viewability, by lack of better awareness metrics. But a new wave of attention signals promise to completely revolutionise how advertisers evaluate campaign effectiveness, offering unparalleled insight into consumer ad relevance.

Playground xyz pioneered on this matter with the development of a brand new signal: Attention time, which measures the amount of seconds that someone actually looked at an ad. Compared to metrics such as Viewability, Attention Time has proven to be more predictive on actual business impact: 7.5x more in driving awareness and 5.9x more in driving recall.

Making attention actionable

For this campaign, Semetis leveraged the strength of the Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP). It uses AI, trained and verified by real eye tracking data, to measure attention across every impression of a campaign. This happens in real time, unlocking valuable opportunities for effective optimisation. In other words, this new technology made attention actionable for advertisers!
We could not let that opportunity slip and ran the first ever campaign optimizing towards attention in Belgium.
And for Collect&Go, it proved to be the foundation of an incredibly effective strategy.

Attention Time is a strong predictor of business results

Thanks to the addition of this technology to our campaign, we were able to appear on higher-attention pages, yielding in an overall attention uplift of 58%, with a peak of 89% on De Morgen’s news website. Additionally, we saw a 70% increase on our CTR and a 68% uplift in our conversion rate. Lastly and perhaps even more surprisingly, we also observed a negative correlation between attention and CPM, resulting in a 47% lower CPM for our campaign. It therefore seems that the most demanded and expensive placements are thus not per se the ones getting the most attention.

Amidst today’s ad overload & consumers' low attention span, Attention Time Optimisation emerges as a real game-changer. We are convinced that this will quickly become the market standard. In the meantime, Semetis & Collect&Go will continue using it where needed as it provides a significant competitive advantage allowing our clients to thrive in the current ad-packed digital landscape.

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