• 4 steps to create a perfect media plan

    As a digital marketeer, we all have at one moment to define a strategy to promote our product, services or other on the internet. This is not an easy task, the digital landscape brings endless possibilities and unlimited strategies. Also, the perfect plan doesn’t exist. But we have defined 4 easy

  • Cookieless Future: How are third-party cookies being replaced?


    “How can I continue advertising in a third-party cookieless world?”. As you know, we are approaching the end of the third-party cookies era. This will have a massive impact on Semetis as an advertising agency but of course also on all advertisers doing digital campaigns.
    That’s why, at Semetis, we help our clients

  • Semetis is the first Segment certified agency in Belgium

    Semetis is the first Belgian agency to be Segment certified. Segment is a Customer Data Infrastructure platform that aims to unify data from a user point-of-view in order to enable streamlined and coordinated activation. Segment combines elements from both Tag Management Systems & Customer Data Platforms in
  • Series - A take on audiences (part 5 out of 5)

     7 steps to create a practical Moment of Truth (MoT) strategy

    This relates to the series of articles that was published related to audiences. The objective of this article is to go through the different steps required in order to transform

  • Targeting options on LinkedIn

    For most of us, LinkedIn is seen as the most powerful network in terms of recruitment. With nearly 774 million users in more than 200 countries in 2021, LinkedIn has indeed become the reference for professional social networks.

    But the platform is now also proving to be a powerful tool for online advertising. Like Facebook, Instagram

  • The infinite fragmentation, a perspective on the evolution of the digital advertising industry

    1960 to 2054 - A century of evolution for the advertising industry

    Feature films and TV series often try to project the viewer into the future (what could it look like), often high on action and adrenaline. These can also be storifications of the past (what was it like), often

  • What are third-party cookies?

    In a recent press release, Anthony Chavez, VP of Privacy Sandbox, announced that they will be expanding their testing of the Privacy Sandbox. This means that the development of the Privacy Sandbox will take longer than expected, until Q3 2023. By that time,


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