• How to modify dataLayer dimensions in Google Tag Manager

    If you're using Google Tag Manager to manage your website's tracking and marketing tags, chances are high you are using the dataLayer object. The dataLayer is a JavaScript object that stores information about the page and its interactions, which can be used to pass data to tracking and marketing tags. 

  • Integrating the Google Ads reports in the default reports of GA4


    In the ever-evolving digital landscape, effective marketing campaigns rely on data-driven insights to optimize performance and drive better results. As digital marketeers, harnessing the full potential of available data is crucial for the business of our clients.

    To be able to manage campaigns and evaluate their

  • What’s the (other) row in GA4 and how do I solve it?

    The launch of GA4 has been a bumpy ride. GA4 is a significant change of the previous version of Google Analytics, Universal Analytics. It introduces new features, data modeling and reporting that require a significant learning curve for users. Additionally, some users have reported technical issues with GA4, such as data discrepancies,


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