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Being a retailer in a time where online purchases become increasingly popular requires efficient tools. This includes utilising SEO and referencement engines, paid search and social platforms, data and analytics tools, and most importantly, a feed management tool capable of creating, customising, and exporting product feeds to various advertising platforms.

In this article, one specific feed management tool will be addressed: Channable. The latter will be covered through concrete business cases where this type of tool and its specific features become a handy partner to help reach business objectives as a retailer.

As mentioned, Channable enables you to customise a product feed and export it to a large number of advertising platforms (Google Ads, Meta, Criteo, etc. ) in the form of several ads (Search ads, Shopping ads, Dynamic Remarketing, etc.). Channable is therefore most useful in the case of a large product inventory, where the added value of automation increases exponentially.
In this article, we’ll discuss two main features of Channable: the ad text generator and the product feed adaptation feature.

Case 1: taking full advantage of search engines: around 93% of all web traffic is coming from search engines1. It is essential for retailers to optimise their presence on search engines and be visible to consumers when they are searching for products.

Channable grants a structured appearance on Search on every product of the product inventory based on a product feed. Thanks to the feature “text ads” on Channable, you can create new campaigns using dynamic fields to create ad groups, corresponding responsive search ads and associated keywords. This allows you to automatically generate a multitude of ad groups in a single campaign, with an RSA in each ad group and relevant keywords.

For example, a large retailer with 10 product categories, each containing 20 subcategories, wants to advertise on search engines for each category and subcategory. Without Channable, the advertiser would need to manually create 200 ad groups and ads to remain relevant for each category and subcategory. However, with Channable, the advertiser can create 10 campaigns with 10 ad templates that are automatically filled with information from the product feed, saving a significant amount of time and allowing for endless customization possibilities (see ad template below).

dynamic ad group

Case 2: maximising sales all year-round leveraging on retail seasonality.
As a smaller online retailer, investing strategically and efficiently in advertising is essential in order to optimise gains. A part of the solution could be to reduce the product inventory appearing on ads according to seasonality, hence connecting with the shoppers when they are most likely to convert.

This is something easily put in place with Channable, thanks to its “feed” feature, where it’s possible to modify the feed that will be exported to advertising platforms through specific rules, selecting a certain part of the product feed to be pushed to channels.

Concretely, let’s say an apparel retailer has two types of clotheslines that he’s selling all year long: winter garments and summer clothes. Considering its limited investment capabilities in advertising, he decides to focus its efforts on the most relevant clothes line depending on the period. With Channable, the advertiser will be able to implement a rule only selecting the winter garments to be exported on advertising platforms during winter months, instead of pushing the whole feed and risk irrelevance or lower ROI on certain products.
The same feature could be used for example for other strategic goals such as increasing a retailer’s online presence to higher profit margin products.

In conclusion, Channable is a powerful feed management tool that can help retailers effectively manage their online presence and reach their business objectives. Its ad text generator and product feed adaptation features enable retailers to create and customise their product feeds for a variety of advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Meta, and Criteo. By using Channable, retailers can increase their visibility on search engines and optimise their advertising efforts based on retail seasonality. Overall, Channable is a valuable asset for retailers looking to navigate the digital landscape and succeed in the world of e-commerce.

Source: 1 M., Y. (2022, 4 oktober). Search Engine Usage Statistics: Traffic, Ranking & More 2022. Renolon.

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