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Transforming Social Media into DreamLand's Playground

Dreamland, the well-known Belgian toy store, has long been recognized for making dreams come true for both parents and children. Nevertheless, even in a dreamworld reality can strike. The ongoing energy crisis caused price spikes, coupled with a notable drop in toy demand (-4% YoY in 2022, Statista). Consequently, the toy market has become exceptionally price-sensitive.

It’s hard for Dreamland to compete solely on price with pure e-commerce giants like Bol.com & Amazon. That is why Dreamland differentiates itself by chasing deep connections with their customers and invests more in overall engagement or dialogue. Dreamland aims to create lifelong fans and emphasises the long-term value of customers.

Research confirms social media's crucial role in parents' brand discovery and engagement, targeting an audience valuing family time and meaningful memories. In a strategic partnership with Semetis and SQLI, DreamLand has adopted a content-first approach to social media marketing in order to create more interactive and authentic connections with parents.

Creating fun and interactive content doesn’t need to be expensive! DreamLand created ad & content templates that can be easily adapted to different products, moments, and channels. In this way, a very creative and diverse content calendar could be created in a cost-effective way.

How to give relevant tips to the right person?

In order to create the best connection with your audience, it is key to be as relatable and personal as possible. Therefore we also used WeatherAds technology to provide parents with play tips that are suitable for the current weather conditions. Since it can be a big challenge for parents to keep their children engaged during the long summer holiday with changing weather conditions.

On bright summer days, our ads featured outdoor play tips, while on hot days, we offered inspiration for water games. For rainy days, DreamLand recommended engaging indoor activities. All in an automated manner.

The target audience engaging with the posts was not enough. We took it a step further by focusing on people who stayed on the website and effectively read blog articles and playtips. Therefore, we chose "on-site interaction" as our conversion objective. This approach enables the algorithm to optimise towards qualitative traffic, which is a step further in the customer journey compared to a basic traffic campaign that aims to generate as many clicks as possible.

The combination of the use of this conversion goal and the WeatherAds technology made sure we reached the right people with the right, fitting message.

DreamLand's social media strategy featuring play tips was a great success! It resulted in a 36% lower CPC and an 84% higher CTR compared to classic consideration campaigns. Website analysis showed that social media users spent an average of 46 seconds on the DreamLand website, which is a 43% increase from regular paid media channels.

The next step is to take these play tips to another level by including personalised product recommendations linked to the inspirational content.

The campaign was a success thanks to the comprehensive use of social media, leveraging data, innovative tactics, and the strong creative collaboration between. But more importantly, it brought more joy and inspiration to the lives of parents and their kids.

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