• How Youtube Mastheads can reinforce your media strategy

    For Advertisers, it appears that YouTube has secured its place as a vital channel to support branding activities. Worldwide, the number of advertisers running video ads on YouTube has seen a growth of 40% year on year. With the top 100 YouTube Advertising increasing their total annual average spend by 60% each year.

    These numbers are

  • Semetis is the big winner of the AMMA Awards: 2 Golds and 1 Silver

    Series - A take on audiences (part 1 out of 5)

    Is a meaningful digital marketing audience approach a technological or a structural challenge ?

    From an advertising point of view ‘audience’ seems to be the new buzzword. The notion of audiences has been around ever since the rise of TV and radio where

  • Series - A take on audiences (part 2 out of 5)

    A practical approach for using audiences in your customer journey

    Data is the new gold and in the world of digital marketing it comes in the form of audiences. As soon as it became

  • Series - A take on audiences (part 3 out of 5)

    How are campaign budgets and structures impacted by audience-centric strategies?

    In our previous article we provided a methodology on how audiences should be put in place in order to deliver on their potential. In this article we’ll be
  • Series - A take on audiences (part 4 out of 5)

    How audiences will force companies to rethink the way they do business

    In our previous articles we elaborated on what the main challenges are in order to set up a successful audience strategy, how to get there and what the

  • The rise of interactivity in video advertising: Vpaid & VAST

    Video advertising is a diverse and expanding area in online marketing. There are a lot of different video ad formats with continuously increasing capabilities.
    In order to create compatibility between these different video formats and video players, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has created some standards that facilitate the...
  • Upgrade customer/prospect’s relationship with your brand using Google’s New 1:1 Business Messages

    The higher convenience and fastness you offer to a consumer for reaching out to your business (for information, answer or support) the better. This is key in developing a positive brand-user experience and it can have a strong impact on your business results. Messaging is becoming one of the best

  • What is Google Smart Display ?

    There are now over 3 million apps and websites on the Google Display Network, and almost as many ways to target your ads over the internet. While all these targeting options allow advanced advertisers to have full control over their advertising & performances, it might be quite overwhelming for many of them.

    Indeed, more and more


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