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How audiences will force companies to rethink the way they do business

In our previous articles we elaborated on what the main challenges are in order to set up a successful audience strategy, how to get there and what the impact would be on how you run your marketing campaigns. In this article we’ll take a step back and assess what impact this approach and marketing operating model have on companies.

For an audience strategy to be successful we need to make sure that our messages are customized to the specific audiences. As indicated this needs to be done throughout the entire customer journey, which includes the website landing pages.

This is where most companies get in trouble as the market reality (of how people look for your product and services) collides with how companies think it should be consumed.

Brands who follow this approach will see that two worlds will collide. To one extend the marketing side of things will become more user-centric. Older organisations with legacy structures and cultures will find this problematic as they are typically self-centred, trying to push their products under their self-centric perception to consumers. This will reveal to what extend business decision makers are still connected to what is happening in their markets, and thus to reality.

As a result, marketing will need to drive / push organisations towards a user-centric approach. This will impact the way companies will work at their core as they’ll need to recalibrate operational processes in order to be able to deliver what clients expect. In the end we could say that companies will need to transform themselves in order to be able to capitalise to the full extend on the potential audiences can bring for a business. The only way to do this is by becoming user-centric. Audience focused marketers across the globe are setting the pace for this approach. The only way to remain competitive, and leverage the data points offered by the acquisition tools, is to ensure your company is able to deliver on its promises. And these are increasingly set by the marketeers themselves, as they start to discover who their customers truly are.

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Author: Glenn Vanderlinden


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