• An Introduction to Customer Data Platforms (CDP’s)

    It is not just a trend anymore. Modern marketers should make informed decisions by consulting data. Even though most companies nowadays own tons of data, only few leverage it to benefit their business goals. The problem lies in the fact that our data is fragmented in different silos. We have online website data, email data, advertising data,

  • Series - A take on audiences (part 1 out of 5)

    Is a meaningful digital marketing audience approach a technological or a structural challenge ?

    From an advertising point of view ‘audience’ seems to be the new buzzword. The notion of audiences has been around ever since the rise of TV and radio where

  • Series - A take on audiences (part 2 out of 5)

    A practical approach for using audiences in your customer journey

    Data is the new gold and in the world of digital marketing it comes in the form of audiences. As soon as it became

  • Series - A take on audiences (part 3 out of 5)

    How are campaign budgets and structures impacted by audience-centric strategies?

    In our previous article we provided a methodology on how audiences should be put in place in order to deliver on their potential. In this article we’ll be
  • Series - A take on audiences (part 4 out of 5)

    How audiences will force companies to rethink the way they do business

    In our previous articles we elaborated on what the main challenges are in order to set up a successful audience strategy, how to get there and what the

  • Series - A take on audiences (part 5 out of 5)

     7 steps to create a practical Moment of Truth (MoT) strategy

    This relates to the series of articles that was published related to audiences. The objective of this article is to go through the different steps required in order to transform


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