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Daring to join a conversation that was turning sour requires guts


More than five years after being acquired by French group Total, energy supplier Lampiris is changing its name to TotalEnergies in 2022. Being a game changer is rooted in Lampiris’ DNA. They were the first energy supplier going for Green Energy in Belgium, and they were not going to deny their origins. It was important to reassure the loyal Lampiris clients on their green roots and their commitment.


How? By thanking its loyal customers for their individual contribution to a greener planet. Celebrating the joint commitment and support of Lampiris’ green mission over the years. Because choosing Lampiris as their energy supplier meant contributing to spare tons of CO2 emissions. They are the Green Heroes!


And that is what Lampiris wanted its customers to realise. The “Green Heroes” campaign was born.


But how do you make clients aware of their individual impact? Moreover, do people actually know what a ton of CO2 represents?


Lampiris, Semetis and BBDO joined forces to put the “Green Heroes” in the spotlight. Together, they put in place a campaign that will reach  400k+ customers in a smart and creative way.


Layering up the campaign smartly to magnify Heroism


The “Green Heroes” campaign was made up of three levels: the city, street and individual level. The city-level aimed to reach as many Lampiris’ customers as possible across the 30 Belgian cities with the most Lampiris’ customers. The second level aimed to go a step further in the local approach by targeting specific key target zones (streets) in Belgium. It was not enough, we had to be more intimate. We went one step further by creating an in-person experience.  The latter is referred to the individual-level in our creative media approach. 


How did we make these city, street and individual levels come to live?


We started by informing the Lampiris customers on the local impact they had in their city, and helping them realise what it actually represents. This by using real live examples in our creatives. The video messages ran on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and were customised for every city to create a closer thank you experience. The 30 cities with the most Lampiris’ customers were targeted. 


Moving from the city-level, the creative media usage became slightly more granular by bringing our unique messages to the streets. We opted for display bannering that dynamically adapts the message based on the user geolocation. Our partner Admoove made it possible to complement the OOH presence with mobile banner ads in a radius around key target zones. As such we could thank our loyal customers for their environmental impact as a local community.  40 locations in total were configured! 


We were not satisfied just yet. It was not enough. We had to create a tremendous in-person experience. If we want our customers to actually realise that they are Heroes, you have to tell them in-person. We decided to talk to them directly. We leveraged Cavai technology, to implement conversational banners in programmatic display advertising. As such we could turn banners into chat bots. The strategy was extended to Social networks using Story Polls Ads.


The full campaign was oriented solely to Lampiris customers. To ensure we could reach a maximum of Lampiris customers, Advanced Customer Match solutions by EDM were used in Google Ads and Facebook. EDM uses advanced (cookieless) technologies to increase the match rate for our YouTube and Facebook campaigns. We even reached a 100% match rate on Google Ads! 


And it was important for Lampiris to be as authentic as possible. This is why all people  used in our creatives, from video to bannering, were actual Lampiris customers. 


The results: being grateful helps you through hard times


Heroes touch our hearts, fill us with admiration, and make us reconsider our view of the world. Just look at the plethore of any superhero movie and you can see how much our society values and loves heroes. This campaign wasn’t at all about client acquisition. It was about being grateful towards our customers by naming them Green Heroes. Thanks to Advanced Customer Match solutions by EDM, we were able to reach 40% and 30% of Lampiris’ customers on YouTube and Facebook. The creative media usage was directly and intrinsically linked to the concept of the message, resulting in a churn rate decrease of 12%. 

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