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Data-driven creatives are the future of video content. Yet, the Marketing Technology landscape does not offer the appropriate solution. AdSomeNoise and Semetis’ experiences with data-driven marketing as services companies identified a gap in the MarTech tool universe that they could uniquely fill. And because it plugs into major marketing platforms, it’s easy for advertisers to adopt.

Data-driven video is emerging as a powerful marketing tactic

We can easily agree that, when it comes to online content, video is a vital component. 80% of global internet consumption is video content. To achieve an unskippable future for advertising, AdSomeNoise, Semetis, THEOplayer, and SBS Belgium placed their bets on developing a MarTech tool. They let go of the ways of old and embraced the possibility of data-driven video creatives. They understood that efficient video transcoding has become a critical and missing technology in today's content delivery.

Many advertisers are unaware that video transcoding can not be done in real-time

Media content distribution poses different challenges when it comes to supplying the personalized video ad. The need for an on-demand stage is hampered by the high latency and long processing times. With today’s transcoding technology advertisers need to render a big amount of videos upfront and match them with target groups. Is it a personal video? Not really. Is it a dynamic creative optimization? No, it is not. A video ad technology that creates and renders personalized videos based on data about the viewer at the moment of ad serving is nonexisting. Understanding the future of advertising and how to go big in 2019, AdSomeNoise, THEOplayer, Carglass®, SBS Belgium, and Semetis joined forces to get an answer to that need. They developed the MarTech tool that can do exactly that: a data-driven parallel real-time video solution for digital media buying. The technology uses layered video, animations, text, and other assets to output a video commercial that no one wants to skip. Yes, real DCO for online video ads. Yes, a very first in Belgium.

Layered video is the solution for real-time data-driven video creatives

To configure the automatic decisioning in the DCO for online video ad units, three places must be configured:

  • The data source (a DSP or DMP)
  • The logic in the ad unit itself (a Creative Solutions Platform)
  • The video player

The DSP is configured to target audiences for the campaign. For each impression, the DSP will use the viewer’s real-time data and pass that information to the ad unit. In the rich media DCO unit, the logic is configured. The creative solutions platform then pushes a VPAID tag to the video player to serve the ad. The latter phase is where it becomes complex. The video player needs to have the technical capabilities to integrate the ad, being served by an ad server, as an iFrame. Otherwise, it is not feasible to render and play the personalized video in real-time. That is where THEOplayer comes in. Not only is THEOplayer a video player that has been widely adopted by publishers in Belgium it is also a SAAS solution. The latter makes it possible to alter the codebase on existing installations. By enhancing the codebase with the functionality of integrating the ad server in the player it becomes immediately available for every publisher working with THEOplayer.

MarTech Solution for data driven video without transcoding 1


This new MarTech tool is meeting the infrastructure challenges of transcoding and rendering videos based on user-data in real-time and at scale. This innovation offers substantial opportunities for efficiency gains and lower costs. But the benefits don’t end there. The beauty of it? It uses market conform technology and can be easily plugged into the supply and demand system. Publishers having THEOplayer integrated and advertisers buying programmatic video inventory can strongly benefit from this. Together with our clients and partners, we worked on bringing real-time data-driven video at scale to the market in order to bring 100% personalized advertising video experiences. Without this solution, your MarTech tool stack is not complete.

Carglass® Belgium is the very first advertiser in Belgium that made use of this tool. By leveraging data and infusing that with storytelling something pretty amazing was created: a video commercial that no one wants to skip. The full business case can be consulted here.

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