• Carglass® continues to pioneer: launch the very first data-driven video campaign in Belgium

    Carglass® is a great example of how automation through MarTech tools can change and transform, their processes with business acceleration as a result.

    The majority of Belgians confronted with a broken car window have the reflex to go to the Carglass® website and start registering their damage and schedule

  • Exploring the future of TV advertising

    Advertising on television is a powerful and time-tested medium that has captivated audiences for decades. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, a new form of TV has emerged, known as Connected TV (CTV). In this article, we will explore what Connected TV is, how it works, and the opportunities it has created for the advertising

  • Fast introduction to podcasts

    Audio industry background

    Regarding the audio media landscape, my colleague Jeroen has previously explained the concept of programmatic audio in an article titled ‘Programmatic

  • How to get your Videos ranked on Google?

    The popularity and importance of video has been increasing a lot over the past years, which made it an essential part of the modern-day digital society. As video is a powerful storyteller  that easily unlocks users engagement, a vast majority of businesses now incorporate videos in their

  • How Youtube Mastheads can reinforce your media strategy

    For Advertisers, it appears that YouTube has secured its place as a vital channel to support branding activities. Worldwide, the number of advertisers running video ads on YouTube has seen a growth of 40% year on year. With the top 100 YouTube Advertising increasing their total annual average spend by 60% each year.

    These numbers are

  • Improve efficiency with Structured Data Files in Display & Video 360

    What are SDF?

    Structured Data Files (SDF) spreadsheets are .csv files that make it easy to create and edit campaigns, insertion orders, line items, TrueView ads, TrueView Ad Groups & Inventory sources in Display & Video 360 (DV360).


  • The future is here: a MarTech Solution for data-driven video without transcoding

    Data-driven creatives are the future of video content. Yet, the Marketing Technology landscape does not offer the appropriate solution. AdSomeNoise and Semetis’ experiences with data-driven marketing as services companies identified a gap in the MarTech tool universe that they could uniquely fill. And because it

  • The rise of interactivity in video advertising: Vpaid & VAST

    Video advertising is a diverse and expanding area in online marketing. There are a lot of different video ad formats with continuously increasing capabilities.
    In order to create compatibility between these different video formats and video players, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has created some standards that facilitate the...
  • TrueView for Action ads on YouTube

    Currently, YouTube is mainly considered as an awareness-driving channel in media plans. Advertising on YouTube is not expected to directly generate sales or leads. However, with over 4 million monthly active users in Belgium and a changing buying behaviour, YouTube’s importance is increasing and Google is therefore introducing new ad formats

  • Youtube Ad pods in 3 questions

    You might have heard of it, and you most surely noticed it while browsing on Youtube, ad pods are now a thing. Here is a short article that will tell you all you need to know about them in 3 questions going from the explanation of the concept to how it can impact your ad performance. 


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