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Channable is a feed management tool in which you can create, optimize and export your feed across a multitude of comparison websites, affiliate platforms and marketplaces. But let’s dive deeper into their offering and see what it is all about.
To start using Channable you’ll have to first create an import. This can be done by linking Channable to either a XML, CSV, TXT, JSON or Google sheet file. After this step you’ll have to link the imported fields of the chosen file to internal Channable fields. After this is done successfully, you can start using Channable to its fullest.


Data Cleaning

After you imported your feed, the first thing that needs to happen is cleaning all your data. This is made very convenient by the master rules section. Here you will be able to change values of specific fields, add values to them, search and replace text or words. This will allow you to change your feed to fit your needs. Important to note is that these master rules are the first changes that will be made to your feed before you can export them. So only add the bare necessities for cleaning. On the export level and in the PPC tool you can add more rules on top to meet the specific requirements that are needed for that export. So now let’s dive into these other functions.


Product feed manager

Their main product is ofcourse their product feed management tool. This allows you to link your import directly to a number of channels ranging from Awin to Facebook and Google (over 280 options depending on country). First you’ll have the Categorization step that depending on the channel will help you attach the right categorization to your products that is needed for the channel e.g. Google categories for shopping products. Next you can apply rules to the feed to exclude items, add additional attributes, and much more. Lastly you need to link your internal Channable fields (attributes) to the correct channel fields which can be mandatory, recommended or optional. If this is all done, your feed will be exported to the right channel. There is even a Quality check that will allow you to easily check which products are lacking certain attributes which you can then fix in the rules section. A Preview of the output can also be viewed. This can make optimizing your feed much easier as you can make changes in bulk through the rules section instead of having to adapt your feed manually one item at a time. Furthermore, you can set Channable to update daily or hourly and any option in between.

This has also been expanded with API-connections and offers the connection to several online marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay. This is set-up in the same way as a feed but with some small distinctions. Instead of the Finalize phase where you link fields, there is the attribute builder. It will highlight all the needed attributes for the specific marketplace and with rules you can update/adapt your feed to comply with the needed information. Another advantage of the API connection is that your stock information can be updated in real-time when sales are made on the marketplace. Channable can also retrieve the orders from the ecommerce marketplace and send the order straight to your own online shop (if the connection is made between your own ecommerce platform and Channable). Your shipment and tracking information can then also be automatically sent to the marketplace.


PPC tool

The other big part of Channable is the PPC tool which allows you to easily make Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising ads with dynamic variables based on the feeds to make personalized ads for your entire product feed. Once you link Channable to the correct advertising account you can quickly set-up ETAs, RSAs, sitelinks and price extensions (Only ETA’s accepted for Microsoft Ads for now). These can be set-up with dynamic fields so they create a more personalized ad for each brand, product set or even product depending on your rules. So to start off, you will have to create a campaign. Here you can also add targeting on countries and languages. Then comes ad groups, where you can add specific rules for each ad group generator that you build. These generators will generate a multitude of ad groups based on your feed. In the generators, you can add ad templates for ETAs and RSAs. Further you can add keywords and negative keywords to each ad group that gets generated this way. Lastly you can add sitelinks, price extensions and even manual tracking. As with the feed, you have a preview in the end where you can view the campaign(s), ad groups and ads that have been created as well as any errors that would prevent Channable to push it into the online platform.


Integrated Analytics

After setting up all the necessary feeds, APIs and text ads you want to know how they are performing. You could go into all the different platforms to check up on performances but Channable offers an easier solution. You can link your Google Analytics directly with your project in Channable. For this you will need to create a specific Google Analytics view. With this data in the platform, you can look at performances on an individual product level. This isn’t something you couldn’t do in Google Analytics but with Channable you can use these metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate or revenue to make specific rules. This can range from adding labels to top selling products to excluding products from the feeds if they are underperforming. This way, you can further customize your exports and optimize your campaigns. By adding the link with Google Analytics you will also have a dashboard that keeps track of the most important metric per channel. This all gives an added layer of actionability and that straight in the platform. 


Channable is a versatile tool that makes it a lot easier to have a feed and export it to a multitude of other platforms. This all through only 1 tool and with the added bonus that you can further complement all the export feeds with not only text ads but also actionable insight you can gain through the Google Analytics numbers.

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