Artificial Intelligence

  • How is AI transforming the way we advertise?

    If there is one word that we’ve been talking about constantly since 2023, it has to be Artificial Intelligence, and how it is disrupting our world. Of course, AI is or will have an impact on a lot of industries, but what will be the impact exactly on marketing? How will it change the way we do advertising? New AI-powered tools keep on arriving

  • The future of Performance Max: empowering advertising with AI

    Digital advertising has always been evolving and it continues to do so. Performance Max, the latest campaign type released by Google is one of these examples. If you haven't explored this campaign type yet, we strongly recommend testing it out for your own venture.
    This article explores the future and vision of Performance Max campaigns,

  • The impacts of AI-powered search engines

    new bing cover

    Search engines have become an indispensable tool in our life. We have harnessed their vast potential and reached a point where we take for granted that almost everything is searchable on Google. Our


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