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Brico, the Belgian leader in the DIY market, offers a very wide range of products through its 4 chains. Each season, Brico adapts part of its offer to provide its customers with the most suitable products. Through its 155 stores in Belgium and Luxembourg and its e-commerce site, Brico ensures that it always has the right products for each of the 4 seasons.


As a home improvement store, Brico sells a variety of products that have a degree of weather sensitivity, meaning that demand for these products is correlated with specific weather or environmental conditions. A good example of this is their suite of cooling and air treatment products such as air conditioners, cooler fans, and dehumidifiers.

Brico Staff DIY Weather Targeting


The objective of the campaign implemented by Semetis was to promote Brico’s line of air treatment products. The strategy was a full-funnel approach which included building awareness of the products, generating traffic to specific pages, and driving visits to physical store locations. Given the weather-dependent nature of the product range, weather targeting was the cornerstone tactic in planning for the mid and lower funnel campaigns. In brief, the concept was to activate and/ or boost ad delivery in locations experiencing temperatures above a specific threshold during the summer months.

‍Strategy & execution

Campaigns for Brico’s air treatment product were created across YouTube, Google Display, and Meta, targeting the country of Belgium. Relevant interest-based audience segments (such as ‘Home’, ‘Fans’ etc) were layered in. WeatherAds was then used to apply intelligent weather-based automation to the campaigns. Multi Location automations were created each with two distinct rules. The first rule turned on delivery when real-time temperatures exceeded 25 °C. The second rule activated delivery if the temperature was predicted to rise above 25 °C across a rolling 3-day forecast. In both instances, when the rules were met, WeatherAds would switch on the ‘Consideration’ and ‘Conversion’ campaigns only in those geos that matched the parameters. Semetis also ran an always-on ‘Awareness’ campaign in parallel that was non-weather targeted.

weather targeted ads for Home improvement & DIY store Brico


The Consideration campaigns performed exceptionally well, generating high volume of sessions on the site and very good traffic quality. The campaigns outperformed on bounce rate and time per session when compared to Semetis’ benchmarks for Brico. Semetis also saw an Increased Click-through Rate for the Consideration campaign along with a lower Cost-per Session.

  • Increased CTR for Consideration campaign
  • Lower cost per session
  • Higher total session time on landing page vs benchmarks
  • Reduced bounce rates on landing page vs benchmarks
  • Very good results in-store

In conclusion, the increases in our results observed on platforms corresponded to heat peaks, demonstrating the impact of external factors such as temperature on online user behavior.

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